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About Us

The Story Behind Istanbul Guitar Society

Istanbul Modern Guitar Society was founded in October 2022 by a group of people who are dedicated to sharing their passions with others. We are an active and enthusiastic Society based in Istanbul with events taking place throughout the year. We love to keep the energy and excitement going, we always invite new members to join. Simply put, we love getting together to do what we love. Our aim is to create a community by bringing together disconnected guitar lovers in Istanbul and to create synergy by sharing everything related to guitar.


Why Did We Call It Modern Guitar?

The guitar is actually a much newer instrument compared to other classical instruments. The electric guitar is much newer. In other words, it is a modern instrument... That's why we used the term "Modern Guitar" to emphasize that we cover all 6-string guitars without distinguishing between Classical, Electric Acoustic guitars etc. Since the club will be formed from the perspective of guitar lovers, it does not make much sense to distinguish between playing technique and music genre. Most electric guitarists have already started learning music with the classical guitar. Although classical guitarists are not professionals, they have always been curious about the electric guitar. Although it is sometimes thought that the audiences are quite different, we think that the ideal guitar lover cannot remain indifferent to songs in which guitar technique is at the forefront. Whether John Williams plays on the radio, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Pass, BB King, Eric Clapton… Guitar lovers will definitely listen…


Founding Members:

Hakan AYTEKIN – Guitar Lover

Kaan AYTEKIN – Guitarist

Efe AYTEKİN – Guitar Student

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